30/4 - 25/5 2014
14.09 - 26.10.2013
Preview: Friday, 13 September 2013, 7 pm onwards

CHOI&LAGER Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition by Lars Morell in Cologne, Germany named Silent Codes.

The Norwegian artist covers a great variety of media in his works, ranging from photography and sculpture to painting. At the start of a new piece of work, Morell occupies himself with past inventions, such as the beginnings of photography during the nineteenth century, which also signified the beginnings of a genre in art that was then new as well as revolutionary, and frequently regarded as an inexplicable phenomenon.

Within his work, one can also find a connection to magic and illusionism since Morell sees great similarities between an illusionist and an artist. Just like a magician, Morell tries to create works that function on differ- ent levels. He plays with the observer’s way of seeing an object as well as its composition, colors, shapes and motifs, leaving it up to the viewer to decide what the work is about. These topics, past scientific discov- eries, illusions and also the state of invisibility are means of giving Morell’s art a melancholic atmosphere helping the narrative. The artist compares his way of making art with a play in a theatre – a piece of work on a stage and the spectators can decide by themselves what they truly see hidden in it. As with a play, the viewer at the exhibition venue knows that everything they see is carefully selected and constructed, there- by allowing the visitors to consider themselves ready to be seduced or inspired by the displayed works.

Lars Morell expresses his motifs by combining obvious painting of the late 19th century and an analytical approach of contemporary art.

The artist, born 1980 in Kristiansand, Norway, lives and works in Oslo. After graduating from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo in 2005, Morell showed his work in different group and solo exhibitions, for example at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Jeu De Paume, Paris; Jan Wentrup, Berlin; Perla Mode, Zurich; Cen- trum för Fotografi in Stockholm, as well as Fondation d’entreprise Ricard in Paris, and now at CHOI&LAGER in Cologne. In 2013 he received the Pollock-Krasner Foundation’s Grant from New York.


«Silent Codes»